22 April, 2014

Treasure Tuesday #61 (Vintage fondue pot)

In January I was looking for something to use as a planter at the Hospice shop when I spotted this pretty floral pot. The inner coating hasn't been damaged at all and it has a lid. This is perfectly sized for two people and I've been using it for soups and sauces. I think it was about R15 ($1.4).

Since I've been using it all the time, I kept forgetting to take a photo of it. Then one day I was taking a lot of photos for my Treasure Tuesday posts and finally remembered. I don't know how I used to do these posts every week, but I have a few new ones lined up.

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20 April, 2014

Secret Santa

Yes, April is a strange time to be posting about a Secret Santa swap, but my original package was lost and I received the replacement this month.The swap was organized by Charlotte from T*rexes and Tiaras. She offered to send me a new package in January, but I was sure that my package would show up after the holiday rush. At the end of March I realised that it had probably gone missing. I wasn't expecting this package when I went to the post office and was so excited to get a Christmas present in April.

The box decorated with the cute stickers contained this pretty bird necklace.

I've never heard of this nail polish brand before, but according to the packaging they don't test on animals, so I'm looking forward to trying it.

This is a very pretty book for me to write recipes in. I love the illustration on the front.

The inside has dividers for different categories. I have so many recipes saved on my computer or cut from magazines from the time before Pinterest. I want to transfer them to this book.

I really appreciate the effort Charlotte made to make sure I got something, it made up for the disappointment of a lost gift. There are several packages from last year that I'm still waiting for, so it's very nice to have received this. I suppose the more mail you send and receive, the bigger the chances are of something going wrong.

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17 April, 2014

Vegan chocolate chip vanilla pudding pie

I've been reading the Vegan Richa blog for a while now, but only started making some of the recipes this year. When I saw this Chocolate chip pudding pie recipe on her Instagram, I knew I had to try it. I love chocolate chips, there's something addictive about biting into them.
This pie was really easy to make. You don't need an oven, only a stove top. You might even be able to make it in a microwave if you're careful. A blender is a must have for the crust, but you could use a different crust if you wanted.
My favourite part turned out to be the crust. It's made from nuts, dates and coconut. I was expecting it to crumble, but it worked so well and I could easily press it into the pie dish. I'm going to try it with other filling too. The filling is made with non-dairy milk and thickened with rice flour and cornstarch. We only had brown rice flour and I think it made the filling slightly gritty but it wasn't very noticeable when combined with the other ingredients. It was difficult to wait for the filling to cool down, I was so anxious to try it with the chocolate chips. All of this is topped with one of the best things in the world, chocolate ganache.
I halved the recipe since we're only two, but we did end up taking some of it to a picnic with Chane and her husband.

So if you love chocolate and chocolate chips or need an easy yet impressive dessert, try this.

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