24 November, 2014

Kamers haul

A few photos of what I bought at the Kamers market this year. There were so many beautiful things I wanted, but I had to limit myself. I also bought gifts for Martinus that I can't show you yet.

  • Sunscreen from oh-lief. This is a brand new product from them.
  • Geranium, Rosemary and Lemon Hand oil from Mies. I hadn't seen this brand before, but they had products in the bathrooms, so I got to try out their hand scrub and lotion before even seeing the stand.
  • Clay necklace from Wildflower. They don't have a website, but you can contact Bronwen Girardi on 072 369 2596.
  • Interchangeable earrings from Heidi Strung. I loved this idea, you can buy different stones to put on the same hoop.

I chose this pendant because it reminded me of myself and Jeff.

I bought the starter set with these two beautiful sets. There are two different hoop styles to choose from. 

  • Dish covers from Spaza.

The prettiest food covers I've ever seen. The stencilled paper bag is a great touch too and I'll definitely be keeping it.

Delicious food and cake from Spades & Spoons Deli. That's the best carrot cake in the world.

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17 November, 2014

Nadia van der Mescht Creative Workshop Goodie Bags

It's been more than two months since I attended Nadia van der Mescht's Creative Business Workshop in Cape Town. My goodie bag has been waiting untouched in my studio for me to photograph it. Things have gotten a bit out of control in there and I finally took some photos over the weekend while tidying up.

Each of the attendees received a wonderful goodie bag filled with lovely products and there were also lots of giveaway prizes. I was lucky enough to win a canvas bag filled with m.studio products. Since I waited so long to take photos, I unfortunately can't remember which of the m.studio products are from the goodie bags and which are from my prize. So I photographed all the m.studio products separately.

My seat on the day. 

Missing from this photo is the notebook from Nadia and my Consol water bottle. That's because I've already used them and couldn't find them in my messy studio while I was taking photos.

Clockwise from top left:
  • Pouch from Zana. I've been very anxious to start using this, so I'm relieved I've finally taken photos.
  • Pen from Typo.
  • Paper straw with hearts.
  • Gift card from Hello Pretty.
  • Nadia's cute new business card.
  • File labels from Design-A-File.
  • Card from Seven Swans stationery. The envelope has a pretty floral lining.
  • Card from bvbblegvm.
  • Postcard from Terrapin and Toad. Yes, that's our business. We also sponsored a print for the giveaway :)

I forgot to add this to the group shot. A cute teabag from Toast

 Canvas bag from m.studio.

Gift bags, notebooks, twine, washi tape, stickers, straws, ribbon, tags and cake toppers all from m.studio.

Thank you again Nadia for a wonderful day and thank you to the sponsors for making it even more special.

You can see professional photos from the day here.

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12 November, 2014

Cosecha restaurant

During our stay at Vrede en Lust, we stopped at the nearby Cosecha Restaurant at Noble Hill wine estate for an afternoon snack. We were very disappointed with the vegan options in Franschhoek and were pleasantly surprised by the delicious food at Cosecha.

The menu looked really good, but we only had the fresh guacamole and I'd really like to go back and try more dishes.

Instead of bread rolls they served this little chickpea dip with tortilla chips. It was so flavourful and perfectly balanced. I could've eaten a lot more of this.

The guacamole is served with the pestle and mortar that's used to make it. The chilli powder they serve with it is incredible and you can tell it was made by someone who loves food. I'm often surprised by the lack of herbs and spices in restaurant food. In my opinion it's one of the most important parts and can make a delicious meal out of even the most basic ingredients.

The setting is also beautiful and we had the perfect relaxing afternoon.

I haven't been blogging much lately because one of our dogs, Twiggy, has been ill. I mentioned that she hurt her neck in my beach post, but we discovered more problems after that. It's quite serious, but with the help of our vet and lots of special attention and food she seems to be improving. I might do a post about it and give more info once she has recovered fully.

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02 November, 2014

Fuzzy caterpillar

Just a few photos of a very cool looking big caterpillar that was on our garden gate this morning.

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