11 February, 2013

30 days, 30 bags project: Day 29

This doily is completely different from the others I have, it's a lot thicker, square and it has different colours. I have no idea what it was intended to be, but it looks so good as a flap on this bag. I've had it on my table for a few days now, but I couldn't find the right fabric to use with it. Then I discovered this beautiful piece of fabric. It has very fine teal and brown lines and the colour changes slightly when it moves.

I used this pale blue check fabric for the lining and strap. It teams very well with the different blues in the flap.

Only one more day left. I have no idea what I'm going to do tomorrow, but I feel like I haven't used enough pink during this project.

This bag is now available here.

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My name is Natasha. I studied product design, but fell in love with sewing after buying a box of antique buttons. Now I make handbags and other accessories from upcycled materials. I live in a beautiful coastal town in South African with my boyfriend and our three dogs where we go for walks, sleep in and do lots of cooking.

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