08 February, 2013

More vegan cheese

Karena from Magic Jelly has some really amazing vegan recipes on her blog. I've tried a few of her recipes so far and they've all been very good. Today I'll show you my first attempt at her Magic Vegan Cheese recipe. We don't have as many different kinds of vegan cheese available in South Africa as it seems some people have. We've bought some really disappointing "cheese", but there's one brand we really like for making toasted sandwiches and pizza. It's imported and very expensive, but sometimes you just need some comfort food.

I didn't take photos while I was making the cheese, but this is what it looks like after setting overnight in the fridge. The texture and taste is very much like cheese spread to me.

It's a very soft cheese, but it does keep it's shape well.

 You can freeze it to be able to grate it, but I didn't want to wait that long. I made a little pizza using a pita as the base and just scooped a few dollops of cheese onto it.

I baked it until it just started to brown.

The cheese stayed very soft. It might be different if you bake it longer, but I couldn't wait to eat it.

I also used it in the sauce for a mini butternut lasagne that I topped with the vegan cheese we buy. I just use mashed butternut with tomato paste and herbs instead of meat for the lasagne. It's so good.

This cheese is so easy to make and much cheaper than buying imported cheese. We'll definitely use this as our regular cheese from now on.

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