05 February, 2013

Treasure Tuesday # 44 (Brass lamp)

This lamp is one of the best things I ever found at a charity shop or any shop really. It was only R15! It didn't have a lampshade and the lamp holder was broken, but that was easy to fix. The coating is also damaged and I haven't decided what I want to do about that, but it still looks great for now. I love the knitted lampshade that I bought at the Ideas Magazine market last year.

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My name is Natasha. I live in a beautiful coastal town in South African with my little human/dog family. I love cooking and share new recipes I've tried here. Sometimes I even create my own recipes. I spend way too much time on Pinterest and blogs, but I'd like to be a neat, productive person one day. We're also starting a new business. You can read more about that at terrapinandtoad.com

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